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Welcome to the Public and Ground Water Data Access interactive tool that provides access to water records around Prince Edward Island.

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Browse through Island Watersheds and Observation Wells. To start, click on the Browse button above. More choices are revealed by clicking on each of the category links. For info on an individual watershed or observation well, click on the map icon.

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Search the same information about watersheds by keyword. To start, click on the Search button above. Enter a keyword and click the Search Button above. Results are displayed by Category and Location. For info on an individual watershed, click on the map icon.

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The Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry has collected water quality data over a number of years to monitor the quality of surface, ground and marine water on Prince Edward Island. This web based application allows the general public internet access to water quality data.

NEW: The toggle Stations button Toggle Stations located in the tool bar above the map will turn some stations off in order to display other stations located in the same spot.

Please note that while the Government of Prince Edward Island has used their best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this mapping feature and its data, it is provided as a general reference only. The Government of Prince Edward Island assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information generated.